Hope Studios is an exciting new collaboration between Play With Fire Productions, Hope Mill Theatre and Aria Entertainment. We saw the need for accessible, quality rehearsal space for Manchester’s thriving creative scene.

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Price per hour Daily hire (10am - 6pm) Weekly hire (6 days)
Piano Room £5 / £5 £35 / £35 £175 / £175
Community Room £5 / £10 £35 / £60 £175 / £300
Rehearsal Room 2 £10 / £20 £60 / £140 £300 / £700
Rehearsal Room 3 £10 / £20 £60 / £140 £300 / £700
Main Dance Studio £20 / £30 £140 / £200 £700 / £1000
All prices shown are for Community / Commercial rates
  1. Bookings must be paid in advance, unless agreed otherwise. Your booking will not be secured until it has been paid in full online. (Please note we do not accept cash or cheque). If two weeks prior to your booking no payment has been made, a member of HOPE STUDIOS will try to contact you about payment, however this is no guarantee and full payment to secure your place is solely your responsibility.
  2. In general, bookings cannot be cancelled. However if we are notified by three weeks (21 days) prior to booking date, we may provide future credit at our discretion.
  3. HOPE STUDIOS is happy to let companies/individuals put up promotional material (posters, fliers) in designated communal/advertising areas. However, this will be done at HOPE STUDIOS discretion and can decide how much/little material to house.
  4. Bookings acknowledge that there may be noise from other rehearsals taking place in the studios, and noise from communal corridors. However, HOPE STUDIOS commit to doing our best to providing a quiet, workable atmosphere, including placing “QUIET” signs in communal areas. We cannot guarantee there will not be noise filtering in from other rooms or our neighbours. There are band rehearsal rooms located underneath HOPE STUDIOS, therefore we cannot guarantee zero noise transference.
  5. HOPE STUDIOS agrees that each room will be clean, tidy and fit for use. Bookings will have access to clean bathrooms, bathroom facilities (including toilet paper, soap), tap water for water bottles, rubbish disposal and a receptionist on hand should bookings require anything further that we are able to assist with.
  6. Bookings agree to leave spaces exactly as they were found, with chairs placed neatly, all rubbish in bins and all personal items removed. We cannot guarantee the safety of any personal items.
  7. Any damage to rooms or HOPE STUDIOS property whilst rooms are in your charge, are the responsibility of that particular booking and by making your booking, you agree to pay for any damage and charges at HOPE STUDIOS discretion.

Play Library

Hope Studios will also house Play With Fire’s extensive Play Library, for actors to borrow scripts for monologues, scene work or simply for a quiet read in our comfortable communal area. If you have a play to donate to the library, please drop us an email.

Illustration of a bookshelf and chair